Top 5 Interactive Feeders To Give Your Dog

Interactive¬†feeders are great to use if you have an animal that eats too quickly or is very fussy with their food. Pet feeders make dinner time more fun and challenging and it keeps them entertained! These are very effective if you have a dog that eats their dinner so quickly that you would almost think they had never been fed before! Sometimes it’s funny to watch your pet eat their dinner in such a desperate manner but there are some causes for concern that should be taken note of ! Fast eating can cause bloating in their stomach and make them throw up. It can also cause aggressive and possessive behaviour when it comes to feeding time. Fast eating could lead to your dog becoming food proud, meaning you will not be able to get anywhere near your dog or their bowl whilst they eat. There are lots of different feeders which will keep your dogs brain stimulated and their stomach free from bloat! These are my top 5 below:

1. Green Interactive Dog Feeder

These are great at slowing your dogs eating habits down. This looks a little bit harsh as the use of plastic ’rounded spikes’ could indicate injuring the dog to stop him from eating fast. Not the case at all. These are different shapes and sizes and make the dog ‘hunt’ for their food through the little gaps. This is really effective and doubles the feeding time.


2. Kyjen Slo Bowl

Like the interactive feeder this too helps to slow a dogs eating pace down. The different textures and gap sizes help the dog to slow their eating down and make them think where the food is.



3. Kyjen Slow Bowl Bloat Preventing Feeder

This one is really interesting. It really makes the dog think where his food is, so it not only slows his feeding pace down but it also stimulates the brain. This is more of an activity feeder as opposed to a slow bowl In my opinion but will be just as effective.



4. Mini Buster Cube

This is one of my personal favourites to use because it is like a game of ball for the dog. You can put the food in the cube, throw it up the garden and watch your dog play with it to get his food out. It’s great for exercising your dog as well as slowing down their eating habits!



5. Activity Ball Interactive Feeder

This one is similar to the activity cube however this one is round. This one is probably better suited for larger dogs than smaller dogs because it involves a lot more movement (from the ball and the dog). The dog will need to work even harder to catch the ball because it will be more likely to roll away from him. This will stimulate the dogs brain whilst also slowing down their eating.



All of these feeders can be found online and in local pet stores. I would highly recommend these to anyone struggling to get their dog to eat slower of if their dog is of a larger size.



AOTW: Asian Elephant

The Animal Of The Week is the Asian Elephant


Asian Elephants are typically found in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India

Their natural habitat is the forest or mountains

They are herbivores so mainly eat twigs, fruits and roots

They are more related to the Wooly Mammoth than the African Elephant. This is due to their tusks

They are Endangered

Their real name is Elephas Maximus

An Asian Elephants tail can span up to 150cm long which is roughly the same height as a 10-year-old child

They can live up to 70 years of age

They are hunted for their tusks

They are very intelligent animals and have been known to be good with people

Asian Elephants