AOTW: Asian Elephant

The Animal Of The Week is the Asian Elephant


Asian Elephants are typically found in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India

Their natural habitat is the forest or mountains

They are herbivores so mainly eat twigs, fruits and roots

They are more related to the Wooly Mammoth than the African Elephant. This is due to their tusks

They are Endangered

Their real name is Elephas Maximus

An Asian Elephants tail can span up to 150cm long which is roughly the same height as a 10-year-old child

They can live up to 70 years of age

They are hunted for their tusks

They are very intelligent animals and have been known to be good with people

Asian Elephants




The saying “Don’t run before you can walk” is something that is often said to me. I’m an ambitious person, I’m always determined to do my best at every situation/scenario that is thrown at me. I like to throw myself in at the deep end and try things that are beyond my capabilities. This blog is going to be one of them. At the end of 2014 I asked myself what my passions are and what my ambitions are. I needed to know what I wanted to focus on for this new year and what steps I will need to take in order to achieve what I want to achieve. So, what are my passions? Animals are my passion, blogging, whilst not a massive passion of mine, it is something that I am interested in and enjoy doing as part of my hobbies, media is also my passion. For a long time media studies was the career path that I was determined to take until a few life setbacks changed this. The animal industry was and still is my desired career path however I am now at a point where I want to do both. I want to combine my two biggest passions in life which is animals and the media. For years I dreamed of being on film sets, directing, designing, writing and more, and then my mind switched to wanting to contribute to animal conservation and help to save the many dying species in our world.

How I combine the two is beyond me at this moment in time but I am positive that as I get going with this, I will find my feet and achieve what I want to.

I look forward to starting this new journey !

Speak Soon